Monday, March 05, 2012

Just Another Manic Monday woah ooooo woah

Good Afternoon Crafters,

Before you ask yes I did sing it as I typed, (just be greatful I was on my own for that bit :) ),

Well it's been a bit manic here at the hive, I had planned to geth the pleated ribbon online and photographed and then the tonic punches arrived and well to be honest that was that.

The border punches from tonic are very similiar to Martha' s as they are very durable, and the patterns are gorgeous, not all the designs were available as yet but we decided to start with the ones that were so if you wanted to start building a collection you can do it slowly.

The punches are geared which means they don't need a lot of pressure as basically the punch does the work for you. at the moment we have three designs in stock. 2 of which do decorative strips that are fab for across pages or cards and can also be used as wraps for 3d projects cupcakes etc. The othee 1 is the dotty edge and is one of my faves it is just FAB.

You can see the designs online as well as in the shop and have a play with one to see if its for you :)

But the punches aren't all we had from tonic :) we also had the Tim Holtz Retractable Craft Pick and Paper Distresser

Also we had a fab time at the crop yesterday, so mcuh so in fact that we have decided to keep the Sundays Yaaaaayyyyyyyyyy, when it comes down to it we are here for you and the crop ladies decided Sundays were best for them as there was less to clash with. So there are a coupl of spaces left on April & May please don't be worried if you are on your own, nearly everyone whoc comes to classes and crops comes on their own and we are a very welcoming crowd (if I do say so myself).

As well as Setting yourself some time for YOUR hobby it's also great if you have somehting in your stash you don't know how to use, bring it with you and we'll come up with some ideas together :)

Yesterday was a shock for all of us to be honest as we were so productive, got lots done, played with lots of goodies (there was still cake and cuppas, it wasn't THAT productive)

There is one space left on the promarker class for Saturday which we are really looking forward to and if you haven't seen already the FlowerSoft is on offer for only £2.25 a tub, if you'd like some but would like to see it demo'd first please pop in :)

Thats all for now

Bev x

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