Friday, April 18, 2014

Being Happy....

...Means whatever you want it to

So not my normal sort of post but hey whats normal? 

Anyhoo I went down the journal route for this one, I just fancied something a bit different and perhaps it's not everyone's cup of tea but isn't that the point of what we do?  Individual? Each to their own kind of stuff?

So I used some of The Village stamps with an array of the Inkables templates coupled with what has to be one of my favourite Wordage stamps.

So first I got some colour down and then couldn't decide which template to use so pretty much went wild with the chain link, the honeycomb and the one with the bunting that will be with us soon!!!

I didn't want the uniform chain link fencing so literally wafted my distress inkpad all over it and splatted it onto the page and kept going until I had what I thought looked like an OK background.  Inked through the honeycombe and bunting and then set about stamping some houses...

I decided that the houses needed paths so just doodled these onto some lightweight cardstock and attached them to the houses once I had coloured them in using promarkers

Like I said one of my favourite Wordage stamps - Being Happy in the large version, stamped it out in black memento ink onto some lightweight cardstock and chopped it up a bit so that I could spread it over the page.  I think it covers what I was saying earlier quite well in terms of - perhaps my perfection and yours are different - which is why I love that stamp!

Once I had cot my houses stuck down I used the birds and wire stamp from the village collection and doodled the joining and extra bits in to fit - have to say having them as a guide was awesome though and a great way to use the stamp.

So hope you like it - I had great fun with this one!

Take Care

Sam xxx


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