Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Marleen DT - Fleur & Freddie

Hello again..

Once again wednesday, once again Bee Crafty, Once again a tag lol..

As many of us do, we have our stash, we have our favorites and tend to "forget" about the non favorites for a bit.. I do this a lot, be it my stamps, my washi tape collection, my papers, my ect ect..
Often we dont "forget" because we dont like the goodies, its simply just cause we have (more often enough) way to much to play with lol
And I am very quilty of this..

The stamp I played with for today, I actually love. Its such a cute stamp but its an occational stamp (many occations may I add) one that says LOVE. Now to be honest, I dont often make projects around the love theme so I have to (blushing here*) admit that this stamp had gone to the bottom of my Bee Crafty stamp box..

As I sat down to play, I knew I wanted to do something with my greeting - "Decision to try stamp", also from the Bee Crafty STORE - and I LOVE making tags so that was my next choice. So I sat down, made my back ground on the tag and started rumaging for my greeting. And that is when I "found" my
And that was it.. I knew strait up what to and how to finish my tag.

Im so glad I "found" Fleur & Freddie when rumaging my stamps. I love how this tag came out and it made me think about rumaging through my boxes more often. God only knows what other goodies I have forgotten about..

Thank you for popping by and for anycomments left behind.

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