Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

Hello all, Happy Halloween, I hope you've all got your costumes ready if your going to a party. Well it's been a very busy weekend at Bee Crafty and it hasn't slowed down yet hence the lack of blog for yesterday, but I have added a new range of card charms to the web as well as the Panache Daisy Dots Card & Vellum which comes in gorgeous colours for every taste. We don't have a sample using them yet but I will get one this week if I can,(well if I tell Donna she can play we might have one tomorrow) Well I'm very proud of myself I bought my first Christmas present at the weekend , not much but it's a start, but I'm so stuck for ideas so if anyone's got any spare Christmas pressie ideas send them my way I've got loads of people to buy for. Okay I'm going to rant now about something completely nothing to do with crafting why do children find it fun to throw eggs at peoples windows? Not big not clever and just plain stinky and I was going to give out sweeties tonight too! GRRRRRRRRRRR. Back to crafting I will get some new Christmas Card Samples on the gallery today, and I'll try and update the others too remember if you have any questions about products, topics, workshops or the web just post a comment through this post or put feedback on the website. or if you just fancy saying hello that's good too.
Speak to you soon


Pat said...

Hi Bev,How are you and the others this week is it getting very busy up there.Well I hope you dont mind but I am looking for some craft stuff for my Grandson he is seven I dont know what they can have or cant have if you can give me some help I would be grateful.I have just come on too see if you do the rub ons the ones that look like a box of paints.Anyway I know you are busy so I will leave you alone see you soon
luv Pat

Bee Crafty said...

Hi Pat I don't have those rub ons but we do have loads in the shop plus the 99p stamps and other things, you probably know what we have better than we do anyway


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