Friday, October 20, 2006

Welcome to the Bee Crafty Blog, I'm going to give this a go and see if it benefits you (and me). My name is Bev and I work in the cupboard at Bee Crafty in Evesham, I do everything from VAT to samples and my desk is always an absolute mess, (well looking busy is the hardest bit). Julie is the boss and also my mum and opened Bee Crafty 5 Years ago and bless still doesn't get paid we have Donna and Ady here as well. Donna is our longest running member of staff and although we threaten to sack her quite a lot (she is wonderful at her job we just like to see her panic) we all know we wouldn't. Ady is probably the most ladylike amongst us and has a more textiles background which means she can always come up with ideas we didn't even contemplate. So from here on in I will do my best to keep you up to date with the daily goings on in the shop, some of the jokes, and funnies and tell you all about life in a craft shop.




Snuffle Babe said...

Hee hee - I'm first - ha ha hee hee I'm first to comment!!!
'allo - bet you can't guess who this is - it's Snuffle Babe!!!
Just thought I would congratulate you Bev on your first 'Blog' - what a great idea now I can catch up on what you gigglin' hooligans are up to every day even when I can't get to the shop!
Bet you don't tell us everything that goes on though - like when you.....and Julie did.... and as for Donna - when she went.....! Don't know Ady very well - she obviously has been warned about me and hides under your desk Bev in that there cupboard!
Anyway dearies - I do awfully hope this finds you all in good health and will say goodnight and keep up the good work. C U soon. Hugs Karen.
Watch out for that Michelle - she's a bit loopy too!!! Ta ta.

Pat said...

Hi Girls,I am quite upset that I have now become second to leave comments when I have been trying since Saturday never mind I think I have finally done it.Just to say how lovely you all are and how helpful nothing is ever too much trouble.Anyway I will see you soon

Pat said...

Hi Bev,Thanks for putting the card on today it is lovely.I cant wait for Nov19th I must tell Sam,I think she would like to be a blogger but she has had that many problems with her computer she has put it in the same place as you(cupboard)My peel offs are not coming up on the screen yet I will have to come back later Anyway thanks again
luv Pat

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