Monday, July 30, 2007

I'm sorry

Well aren't I just the worlds worst blogger, I am really sorry for leaving it this long between blogs, haven't got any excuse good enough to have abandoned you for this long so all I can do is apologise.

We have had loads of calls and e-mails over the past week from everyone asking if we are okay and survived the floods, well we did. Anyone who saw the news pictures of the floods in Evesham will know how bad it got but luckily we are a further up the road from the river so we escaped pretty much unscathed (just a ceiling incident).

Some of the businesses further down were hit quite hard and I just want to say how impressed I am with Gem form Gem's Stems, the florists at the bottom of Port Street. The flood waters came up to the top of her front door and because she never gave up and spent her entire Saturday night Sunday and Sunday night cleaning she managed to Open again last Monday Morning. Her dedication to her customers is absolutely inspiring, plus my OH had me some flowers sent from Gem on Friday and Oh my word they were stunning all in pinks with about 30 stargazer lillies roses and loads more it was lovely. The lovely thing about our street is we are all independants making it a real pleasure to work here (also means we all work very hard and understand each others woes)

I have been keeping the website better updated than the blog with new products added all last week, I haven't put any on today yet but I will get round to it I promise, I hope you are all having a good day and the sun is shining


1 comment:

glitterangel said...

Glad to hear you survived without much damage, I was thinking of your little shop when I saw the news!

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