Monday, July 09, 2007

Happy Monday peeps

Good afternoon,

How have we all been, did you all have a good weekend well if you dodn't make sure you come to the shop this weekend because I in the shop and lets face it that is definately good news.

It's been a really busy day today picking orders, doing orders cleaning shelves talking to our fabby customers one of those fabby days when we realise how much we love doing what we do, and we really do love it becaus eit's wicked.

My gorgeous nephew phoned us up today ( wanted to talk straight to Nanny (Julie) of course not interested in lil ole me, it had lunch at big school day, bless him he's so excited, he starts school properly in September and it's really weird it seems like the last five years have just gone poof and there they go.

Well wasn't this weekend beautiful the sun finally remembered it was July (if only briefly) and it was blooming gorgeous, we had a barbie on Saturday because it was Dave's (my other half) birthday and his mum and dad came over from the Black Country and we all sat outside on my decking, it was beautiful, and bless my sister she jsut sits there listening to Dave and his mum and dad talk she loves listening to them because she thinks the Dudley accent is really musical, bless her.

Well I'm going to get going as I've got to speack to a man about phones (I live the life of a rock star I tell ya :) )

speak to you soon :)


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