Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sam's Back!!


How ya doin? Well funny old week its been Mother and father kidnapped Alex Saturday and off they went to Blackpool. So they cam back today Alex walked past me to aunty Bev - great eh oh to be a parent!!!! Only when she pointed me out to him did he say oh hi Mum!!!! Keiths doin ok - i hear u ask who keith is - all will become clear soon - ooooooooh the mystery muahahahaha (evil laugh)

Been havin a good tidy up today after the new credit card machine threw a complete wobbler so all the cupboards - which i in an ocd manner keep tidy - were a complete mess!!!!!!!!!

the staple diet of dairylea sandwiches is onthe sidelines - moved onto dairylea on cram crackers - why oh why!!!!!!

I am already planning ahead what i am going to bring to the crop in august - especially as i now have a secret mission to complete - dont ask what it is cos it won't be a secret then will it!!!! 3 spaces left by the way and just think 5 hours in a room with me - how much fun can ya have!!! i'll even make rock cakes again - those that were there last time will tell you how good they are.

WELL WELL WELL - i just had a lightbulb moment - you know the ones where ya head lights up and for a brief moment it looks like theres someone in there (dont laugh it could happen) - all i need is an investor now!! ahhhh if only

oh and for the second time in as many days someone said to me today "cheap at half the price" helllooooooooo of course it is -if anyone can explain this to me please answers on a postcard.

Jeeeeeeeez i am so dense - had to ask bev how to pt this on - she says click publish post - i'm like where IN THE BIG FLAMIN ORANGE BOX THAT I SHOULDNE BE ABLE TO MISS!!!!!!! should i be allowed to work in a shop that sells sharp items - infact don't answer that!

must dash


S xxxxxxxxxx

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