Friday, June 29, 2007

So you want to know who we all are?

Sorry about the mini blog drought but I am back and ready to answer your questions, last week after Sam left us a blog I've had quite a few e-mails saying I should explain who we all are so here we go.

Julie - the boss of Bee Crafty, but because she doesn't like anything like paperwork or VAT etc, she just loves to craft and show people how to craft and talk about craft and you get the idea. Anyway because she doesn't like the "business end" I (Bev) work in the shop with her doing all the admin, web building etc and I'm Julie's youngest daughter.

Bill - Mr Julie and Dad, he's the bestest dude in the whole world (obviously) and aside form having a "proper" job can be found at Bee Crafty most weekends doing maintenance shop fittings making tea and lunches and generally looking after us, he doesn't craft himself (however has dabbled at some digi) but does like playing with the gadgets and has a great eye for good products so we do take his advice (even if we pretend we don't)

Bev (that's me) - Like I said I'm Julie's youngest daughter I've been at the shop for over two years now after getting a B.Sc.(Hons) in Biological Sciences (very useful I hear you cry) I went ot Plymouth Uni which was fabby, I live my my other half Dave, we bought our first house round about this time last year and I'm loved up to the point that I can't stand myself sometimes :)I love scrapbooking and stamping, and think it's perfectly natural to be addicted to and love to stroke paper!

Sam - My Big Sister and Julie's eldest daughter. Sam is married with the m,ost gorgeous little boy who adorns most of Sam's mine and mum's scrapbook pages, Sam's a real girly girl whereas I'm not so much. Her husband Mark works with my fella at a well known car dealership in Stratford. Sam loves pink and has more clothes, shoes and handbags than she'll ever need, but I love it because she lets me borrow them :) and Sam will be coming to work with us more permanently from September.

Ady - Ady joined Bee Crafty around the same time as me has gorgeous red hair, and is very talented with textiles, we are paper craft but ady's experience with colour and texture is a real asset when people are looking for inspiration with a project PLUS she can change till rolls in a flash! She's starting to get into Scrapbooking and like me likes to collect paper and stroke it for a while before using it. Ooh and Ady is also the 21st Century equivalent of Annie Oakly and Barbara Good, she has a menagerie of animals including pigs, lambs, ducks etc, and she is the bestest shot at the air rifle league.

Laura - Laura's a newby to the shop working Saturdays don't know much yet but I'll tell you what I do know she's getting married soon, made all her own Wedding Stationery and is absolutely addicted to the DCWV Once Upon a Time Range she absolutely loves it, she's also super cheery, and I have on good authority a dab hand at learning the new things that come in.

What we all have in common is we love what we do and we always promise never to let anyone buy something they don't need and if you ever have any queries on how something works we will be more than happy to show you, after all it gives us an excuse to play :) AND we're great at making a cuppa.

Any othe questions be sure to let me know

Bev x

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