Friday, June 01, 2007

Pinch, Punch

Afternoon my bloggy friends, how are you all now the thunder has gfone and the Sun has finally reared it's head. I know where have you been you cry, well you'll be delighted to know I've been sorting and arranging the sketches adding a fabby paper range to the site and doing posters and applications form for a Saturday vacancy we have going. I'm really sorry I didn't post yesterday but the shop is manic and trust me my day was not made easier when the thunder started (mum hates in and hides away). PLUS I've done two orders for suppliers (fabby stuff coming) and mum's done two aswell so we've got loads arriving soon. I've got loads of products to scan and then turn into indicidual pictures for the web too which takes aaaagggggeeeeessssss, but it's well worth it in the end, so what have you all got planned for the weekend, I just see lots of paint in my future, my lovely OH has sanded and done two coats of gloss on all the upstairs woodwork and the bannister and is tonight staring downstairs then we can paint the walls (by the way I use the term we VERY loosely :) ). However I am in the shop tomorrow with mum so stop by and say hello and have a mooch and don't forget the shop is Open on Sunday of this week as there is the Scrapbooking Crop on. Might leave you a post tomorrow if not I'm sure Mum will post over the weekend.



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