Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hiya, Sams gonna blog!!

How's everyone doing I hope your all okay and managing to keep relatively dry, I've got a bit of a "treat for you today, I'm always telling you how mental Sam is so I'm gonna drag her in here and do the blog so you can see for yourself. That's me and Sam she's the eldest (and don't I like telling) Okay here she is


Well don't I feel like i've got something to live up to!!! Today has been relatively calm for me - i have been behaving and looking after Beth the lovely work experience girly - awesome cos she's been helping me get the oodles of stuff that came from Die Cuts with a View & Dovecraft out onto the shelves.

Then she got ooober excited at working the till - oh to be 15 again!!!! On a funny note i did almost break my ankle falling over ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!!! how entriely ridiculous yet very funny so i jumped round the shop shoutin LOTS OF PAIN LOTS OF PAIN - fortunately this was before the shop opened so no-one apart from Bev heard me - the sympathy was amazing - she looked me up and down and that was about my lot and then when she realised I had actually hurt myself she did jump up and check - by which time I was putting the kettle on for a brew!!! gotta have a brew first crack or the world stops you know!

Then came the staple diet of Darylea sarnies for lunch - kids will do anything for Dairylea ya know. Managed some frazzles too - oh and while i'm on the subject why are packets of frazzles so small now - they were MASSIVE when i was a kid - and no its not cos i'm bigger - you ask bev she'll tell u I haven't grown since i was about 7!!!!

Does anyone remember Krypton Factor??? wellllll putting together the new stand for the peel offs (which are BOGOF i may add) did we ever have a task - sorted in the end though - i went for the brute force and ignorance thingy and all seems to be almost there now - i'll get bev to keep u updated on what i will now name "spinnergate".

oooooooooh its hometime in a few minutes and i haven't tidied up behind the till - i am a bit obsessive about that - and bizarrely i quite like the washing up so i'll squeeze that in too!!!!


S xxxxxxxxxxxx


Sue said...

Hi Bev

You should give some background history on who Bev, Julie and Sam
are and how the store and website came about. Your blog and website are great

Anonymous said...

yeh..................who are you guy's
and it sounds such fun to work there - any jobs going :)

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