Thursday, June 21, 2007

Picture it Sicily

Well hello again this disappearing flit is becoming a bit of a habit with me isn't it I promise to do better, well this week I have added a few new things to the site including a fabby new sketch for you to follow which I have samples of in the shop just not got them on the site yet (naughty Bev) but it is a good sketch so have a go and show me what you've done, also envelope punches and the new Making Cards arrived today so that's good too. I have spent the morning on to the phone to some somewhat daft suppliers, okay picture it Sicily 1963 we make orders write in big letters on the top URGENT NEEDED ASAP!!!! now for me that means pick pack and send as soon as possible, well apparently I'm wrong it means no matter how many exclamation points or e-mails you send until you phone up and get your blood pressure up we#ll just keep it here GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!! But at least it woke them up :) and everythings on it's way now (or so they say at least) honestly if we were as bad with you you'd say bu&&er off and I wouldn't blame you either:). So come on what news is there form outside they mayhem and rush of Bee Crafty, I live ion a cupboard I need out side info, so whatever you've got gimme gimme gimme, right I'd better get off I'm adding a new range of brads and eyelets to the site this afternoon and as usual any questions or queries about anything (including my mad mind) or even if you just want to say hello the shop e-mail is



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