Friday, June 22, 2007

Did it get better?

Well no not at first, the order that I was telling you about yesterday well it turned up this morning as I hoped BUT it was missing the two vital products in the order that were the reason for the whole order in the first place. I tell you when I saw the parcel force man arrive with one little box my heart sank (because of the box not the man :) )however after a small rant and a little rave at the company I've got them to send it direct to the customer saying that if I treated my customers the wait they treat me blah blah blah you know the drill, anyway seemed to get the results so there you go. What about this weather though all over the place it was hammering it down this morning when I went to pick mum up it's been on and off all day I went to the butchers to pick some faggots up for tea and I was roasting when I got back to the shop sun splitting the sky, like thee BBC weather lady says it's going to be unsettled, and we all know what that means basically they don't having a flipping clue what the weather is going to do and apparently it's going to be like that for a week ah well what better excuse than to stay inside and get some crafting done, only tomorrow night I'm supposed to be going to a barbecue, think I might be getting a bit wet :) Ne'er mind it's all in the name of good fun. Well tomorrow it is me, Laura and my big sis Sam in the shop so pop in and say hello, and if you have seen them pop over ot the site and look at the lush papers I added today Paper Adventures Paper Heart YUMMY!

Hopefully see or speak to you over the weekend



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