Friday, June 08, 2007

I got that Friday feeling . . .

Now not that one that's wehey it's the weekend, more of a What a week I could sleep for a month Friday feeling, it has been a bit of a mental one this week sometimes in a good way at other just me generally losing my mind :) Well I was a bit late adding things to the website today as I have been teaching this morning, CreaEasy chalking templates which is always good fun I love chalks I think it's because it's one of those colourings all of us have and none of use, so I like showing people what you can do with them, however I have managed to add the green crop a dile and the Fancy Pants Mulberry Road to the site which is groovy. I am going to have to apologise for any of my spelling mistakes I have had to retype the last couple of sentences about three times (including this one!). It's mum, ady and Laura in the shop tomorrow so if you can pop on and have a browse, I won't be here tomorrow as I am off to ALTON TOWERS woohoo, with Dave Sam Alex and Mark it's going to be so cool, I'm not even that bothered about going on anything I'm going to take loads of photos and scrap loads. Ooh for anyone who is popping in we have got loads of the Christmas peel offs in and we will be getting more of the Christmas stock in. Well I'm off as I've got to go to the doctors and get my blood pressure checked, I live a very stressful life dontcha know :)

See you soon

Bev x

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