Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Chipboard Chipboard yummy chipboard.

Today we have added some more yummy chipboard including an extension to the big board range and some fab ATD alphas, PLUS a load more Perfect Pearls which are now at a much better price too, apart from that the paperwork is now getting dangerously high as I keep getting seduced away from my desk by the arrival of boxes (ooh love new stash) and I haven't had any chance to do any of my adverts yet so I'm just here to say don't forget the sketch and I have had a beautiful layout given to me today from Karen, who has got a fabby collagey style that I just can't do and I will get a piccie for you tomorrow, well I'd better go and get it done or I'll be in trouble with the boss (yeah right)anyway huns see you later



Anonymous said...

That layout was meant for you to feel POSITIVE not for you to say that you just can't do! Your layouts are amazing - why do you think I want you to teach me?
Great to see you all yesterday - looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.
I must not spend - I must not spend I must not.......ah yes but I need some of them fabulous storage boxes cos they are a great price and I want some white stazon and I need......Hmmmmmm.....oh well! I love beans on toast and I love tuna sandwiches and they are good for you and I am on a diet for Kayti's wedding.....
Byeeee folks

Anonymous said...

Oooooo yes ...psssst....them new chipboard thigies are yummy! I used one last night. I stamped and embossed on it then covered it in glossy accents - cor - amazin'.
Iza goin' now.
Ta ta

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