Tuesday, June 05, 2007

My get up & go got up & WENT!!

Go on who took it, I mean I'm shattered, which is not good as I have a paperwork pile as tall as I am (and yes that is quite difficult I'm not that short!)a pile of products the other side of me to be added to the web and I haven't done my copy for those ads yet. I have however added the fabby Paper Nation Pets and Senior Men to the site as we now have the full range of Paper Nation sheets, I will be updating the other pages periodically with all the backing papers as we didn't have them all but we do now and they are yummy PLUS we've had the christmas range in they are not on the site yet but I'm hoping to get that done this week too. Isn't this sunshine nice though, I tell you though I did feel cold last night don't know why probably just me. We've had loads of deliveries today as well which means a lot of counting and ticking, so I think the best thing to do is use some double sided tape to keep my eyes open, then again maybe not. So how are you all anyway, where are my sketch gallery entries, we really want to see your work I've already had e-mails from a couple of people saying they've done it but they don't think it's good enough for the site well what can I say except don't be so daft and send me the pictures. Well I've got some orders to pack and then I'll keep going with the website, as that is much better than paperwork and I'll start that with a fresh noggin tomorrow, hope you're all having a good day

Bev x

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