Monday, January 14, 2008

Ticking Time Bomb!!

Yep thats me, I am now two weeks away from my official due date, however today is the first date I was given so every time I trwinge or move everyone around me panics. It's quite good fun actually Mwa ha ha ha ha ha. Right down to business, I am still drowning under the post festive paperwork that is seriously mounting up over my desk, but am still doing all I can to add new bargains to the January Sale, please note that these are only while stocks last so if you want something you are ebst getting it asap, and there is a new pick up in store optioin at the checkouot so if you know you want something buy it over the web and we can puit it aside for you. I am still adding products to the web that re in the shop but haven't made it to cyberspace yet, please bear with me I am a human bowling ball at the minute but I am going as fast as I can, and I've set up a scanner at home so as soon as I do pop I can still keep going from home, as the said on Record Breakers "Dedication's what you need", (I loved that show) I'm also going to try and get more samples on too, with a bit of luck and a little less judgemtn I'm hoping to get more crafting done at home this year so will post pictures of what I do, this is a layout of Dave that I did last week, it's the Paper Mania Papers, Scrapbook Sally Blossoms and the buttons from the big woodware bags. Right I'm off to do some more web additions, if anyone has any queries or questions you can e-mail phone or leave a comment on here and we'll get back to you asap.

See you soon


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