Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Well here we go again . . . . .

Here we go another year has begun, and of course we all hope it will be a good one. Well I'm pretty confident mine is going to be great, as for those of you who don't know I'm over 8 months pregnant (look like a tank) so I get a brilliant pressie coming my way plus my first mothers day WICKED!. We've got some fab stuff coming up in the shop this year too, more workshops, possibly some in evenings too so if you have any interest in these please w-mail us with your details, and I can send you some info back. We are expecting some brilliant new card making techniques, and goodies this year, which we've already started planning and practising, and we have a MASSIVE CLEARANCE on at them moment, we are doing a complete out with the old to make room for all the fabby new products coming our way, there is a lot on the website, but there is quite a lot in the shop on a permanent clearance section too so if you can pop in for a browse.

So did you all got what you wanted for Christmas, we were all very good this year and decided we would only buy presents that were wanted or we knew the person would like as you know what it's like the day after Christmas and you have a bin bag of stuff you know will never see the light of day ever again, so we were really well behaved and I didn't even gorge myself on chocolate (there's not much room left in here to be fair:) )

Would you like to see my Christmas pressie from Dave

Isn't it gorgeous, he proposed on Christmas day under this big bunch of mistletoe he'd hung up in the living room, and I of course said I would (by the way that was after I said that if he was joking I'd kill him), so it's all going on at the moment.

So here we go again 2008 has begun and I really hope it's a good one for us all, so good luck and we hope to see you throughout the year :)

Bee Crafty

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