Friday, October 01, 2010

October Product Focus

A new feature of the blog will be our product focus every month, we will give the in and outs and pro's & con's of our favourite products here at Bee Crafty, we will try and bring you projects through the month that will give you an idea of the versatility of the product we have chosen.

This is one of the best hobby trimmers on the market, and not only for it's fantastic price.

The Woodware Fingerguard Trimmer is so easy to use, versatile, inexpensive and safe. The blades are safely encase in their cartridges, which not only protects your fingers but makes changing these rotary blades really quick.

This trimmer is compact and lightweight making it easy to store no matter what size of are you have for your crafting goodies, you can cut small and big items really easily. as the lock in tracking bar, helps to keep your papers in place.

The standard A4 Woodware Fingerguard comes with 2 blades to get you started, the all important straight edge and the wonderful versatile Victorian, which adds that small bit of decorative edge to any of your projects.

There are 12 fantastic designs of blade available for this trimmer and at only £2.99 each it won't take long to collect them all.


The Woodware Fingerguard Trimmer fanily has just had a new addition.

The A3 Woodware Fingerguard Trimmer.
This trimmer has a much wider base than the original, making cutting even larger than 12x12 a breeze. , without losing any of it's versatility. It comes with a straight blade, a scoring blade and a perforating blade. So if making boxes or folded card projects is your particular craft this is a great start up set.
We will try and show you as many things as we can using the Woodware Fingerguard throughout October, and if you want any more information please don't hesitate to give us a call, e-mail or you can even leave a message for us on our facebook page.

Thank you

Bev x

P.S The NEW Bee Crafty Challenge Blog is nearly ready to go live are you poised and ready to use your card making to win FREE stash.

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