Friday, June 20, 2014

1 Inkables template, 2 Stamps and 4...

...Distress Inkpads

Hi Everyone!

How's your week been?

I decided this week that I would share a little card set with you that I made.

Simple but effective and adaptable with just the change of a sentiment or colour to suit your needs!

I used 4 4" square cards for this set.

and here are some of the other bits I used.

I put my clear ruler down the edge and used my blending foam to lay the colour down from both edges.  Then used a couple of card offcuts to lay over the white sections and laid the Alternative Circles Inkable template over the top and used the same colour to go over the top.

Next came the stamp so using my Tuxedo Black Memento Inkpad I stamped the Cow Parsley from the BEAUtanicals Range over the top and the Special Thoughts down in the bottom right hand corner.

I hope you'll agree that with just these few ingredients this card set is a great way of showing how different you can make things relatively quickly should you need to.

Hope you like them

Sam xxx

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