Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Marleen DT - Heartfelt Abi

Morning Blogger buddies..

Once again wednesday and my turn to share a bit of inspiration.

Today I have used the "Heartfelt Abi" stamp that comes with a matching sentiment.
A really cute little girl and I had heaps of fun playing with her.

Im a real vintage girl at heart so I decided for my first card to give it a real vintage feel. My prefeered colours are browns and I love teaming that with blues.. so thats what I did for my back ground.

 My bacground is just a mix of distress stains used just as a paint but also used with a mask.
I then added a bit of distress crackle paint over the top.
 Abi herself is coloured with distress makers. Im still learning to pain t with the,. but i still find it the easiest to add the marker to my glass mat and pick up the colour from there.

The swirls in the corners are handmade also. I made them using a mould and air drying clay. Once dry, I simply swiped over my distress toll with a bit of distress ink on it.

And that is it from me for today.
I'll be back next week with another card using "Heartfelt Abi".

Thank you for stopping by and for any comments left behind.

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