Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tree of Life Lamp

Morning. I have some Home Decor to share this today. For this piece I have used the lovely Oak and Maple leaves drawn by Sam from Bee Crafty along with the amazing Wonder Embossing Crystals and wonder sheets from Be Creative, both shown on Hochanda. It's been a really exciting project and I am over the moon with the results.

In order to use as little Hessian and wonder sheets as possible I first stamped the smaller Oak and Maple Leaves onto Wonder Sheets.

I then roughly cut out the leaves, peeled off the backing and stuck to the hessian, then I cut them out properly and peeled of the top sheet and covered with more hessian, then cut around the existing shape.

I used Turquenite and Goldstone Wonder Crystals and embossed half the leaves in each of the colours. While some of them were still hot I shaped them to be more realistic and to let the light shine through later. I then covered the whole shade with Wonder Sheets, covered with hessian and painted with Black Gesso, this would give a really dramatic background for the leaves.

Then I moved onto the lamp base, using the 50 mm Wonder Tape, I twisted it in lengths to form into a branching tree shape. I wrapped the tree around 2 1/2 sides of the base.

I coated this in Goldstone Wonder Crystals and heated until melted, then added more here and there to create the tree trunk and branches.

Finally I arranged the Oak and Maple leaves around areas of the lamp. I am so pleased with this project and it looks even nicer in the flesh so to speak.

I hope that you have enjoyed this step by step and another way to use the lovely stamps from Bee Crafty. I hope you will join me for my net post. Thank you.xx

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