Friday, February 10, 2017

Emily DT - LOVE

Hi everyone, my turn to bring some inspiration and for this week's card I have borrow one of my designs from Valentine's Day last year.

I loved this card so much last year that I thought I would show you again. The wonderful thing is that all you need to make this card is the LOVE inkable and a black pen.

Here is the card...

I started by running the inkable and some card through my die-cutting machine. This leaves a faint impression of the outline in the card. You do not need to do this though, you could just tape the inkable in place with some low-tack tape.

Then you just start doodling! I am no great artist by any means, but I find doodling quite relaxing.

I have done a few versions of this card, here is another...

Once you have finished just mount it on black card and you're done!

See you next week,

Emily x

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