Saturday, July 29, 2017

Jane DT - Mixed Media Pocket Watch


I hope you have all had a great week and hopefully got the chance to see Sam on Hochanda with the fantastic 'Time' products!  I loved using these as I really do like cogs and clocks (even though I am not at all mechanically minded) but my favourite had to be the new MDF pocket watches so I decided that this was the project that I would share with you today on the Buzzy Goings On At Bee Crafty Blog...

Here are the products used:

* MDF Pocket Watches
* Cogs Set - Art Stamps
* Time - Wordage Stamps
* Acrylic Paints
* Crackle Paste
* Crackle Glaze
* Sand Texture Paste
* Antiquing Cream
* Gilding Wax
* Versafine Ink - Sepia
* Distress Ink - Vintage Photo

1) I started by decorating the outside frames of all 3 pocket watches.  The largest was coated with crackle paste, the medium one with sand texture paste and the smallest with plain gesso.
2) Once dried they were all painted with acrylic paint in blue shades then I used patina coloured antiquing cream to add an aged look.  This was then wiped back to leave areas of different colour, particularly in the crackles.
3) The frames were finished off by adding gilding wax to complete the vintage look.
4) The inside pieces of the pocket watches were painted with a lighter coloured sparkly acrylic paint and then a rusty colour was watered down and dripped from the top of each to create a rusty drip effect.
5) Once dry I added quite a thick layer of crackle glaze to each clock face and then left them to dry naturally.
6) The same paints and wax were added to the clock hands and then I chose a variety of times to set them to.  Mine were not significant times for me, but these could easily be made personal for births or other special events.  Once the MDF pieces were all totally dry I stuck them together using a strong glue gel.
7) I then played around with different layouts of the watches until I was happy before sticking them together again with strong glue gel.
8)  Using the Cog set I stamped out some cogs and springs using Versafine and then cut them out before dusting with some distress ink and adding a touch of gilding wax.
9) The 'Time' wordage stamp was stamped using Versafine again, then cut into two separate pieces.  I added distress ink around the edges, making it more heavy right on the outer edges to create a frame effect.
10) Finally these pieces were all added to the MDF.

Here are a couple more close up pictures...

Thank you for taking the 'time' to read about my project!

Until next time, happy crafting,

Jane xx

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