Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I did it!!!!! Ooh & Next Crop Date

I mastered this blooming phone, after having it plugged into the laptop for god knows how long I did finally realise it was just charging itself (doh!)

So I grabbed my micro SD adapter, plugged into the computer and thought weyhey, but alas not a photo to be found. So I put it back in the phone realise I had to copy all the photos over and then upload them.

Well what should have been a minor task has turned into an all out saga, involving editing photos blah de blah de blah, however I now have the photos of our new found use for the wheelable totes

Now come on tell me that's not cool. I must say I have learned to love the camera in my mobile it has over 5MP and is fab for gettting the shots that I might miss trying to get my camera out of the depths of my bag. So don't undersestimate them, fabby invention.

Okay so I'm still working on the Pebbles Inc Share and Tell Pages getting the pictures for them is becoming a real pain in the bum but they shall be done soon.

For anyone who is interested in our Crops, they are usually on the first Sunday of every month however for September it will be on the 2nd Sunday (14th) as we are off on a buying trip. The shop will still be open however so be sure to pop on over.

Right I've got to go get ready as I'm at chubby club tonight (don't think those scales are going to be nice to me tonight)

See you later

Bev x


Anonymous said...

awww lil cutie :)

love sarahlouxx

Jackie said...

Omgosh!! how cute....great use for the tote have to say LOL

Jak x

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