Thursday, August 07, 2008

Where did summer go?

Hiya everyone hope you're well

Who's hidden the sunshine?

Sorry it would appear that a post I made tail end of last week isn't showing up so not sure what happened but here I am anyway. Well the last week in the shop has been very busy and we have seen lots of old faces and lots of new ones so thanks to everyone who has been in and a thanks to those of you planning a journey over to see us. The new premises seems to be a big hit with you all and with the other things on site there is something for everyone - and a great little cafe with super butties!!!

So lets talk about crafting - aren't there some great products out there just now! At the moment as I mentioned last time there are things arriving all the time. For those of you with a love for inks you may be familiar with the brilliance dewdrop pads - well they have brought out the Memento dewdrop - in this great little shape it gives the advantage of being greatly use able - doesn't take up much space in our craft rooms and its brilliant! They are fade resistant and give a super even coverage! well worth a go!

Something else we also now have are the "snow" products - great for those Christmas scenes. That said the snow color can be altered with the acrylics and for the more precise work there are the snow writers one just snow and another glistening for that crispy snow look - all of these products can be found here.

The Clearance section is still open on the website with some great bargains including papers, paper stacks and chipboard. A good opportunity to grab some great quality goods at lower prices.

Well with that I'll leave you to it

Take care

Sam x

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Anonymous said...

Ehmmmmm! Wata you mean "OLD FACES"?
My face aint that old - not from the inside anyhow!
Guess who.....

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