Saturday, August 16, 2008

Its the weekend

Hiya Everyone

Apologies it has taken me until now to chat but we are only just breaking free from the boxes that turned up in the shop full of goodies to play with.

I have to say that inside these boxes were some of the most wonderful products from a variety of suppliers hence we have been busy getting it all unpacked. This coupled with the workshops in the daytime and evening this week its been non stop. The workshops were great fun so thank you to those who participated and a thank you to those of you who are coming into not only the workshops but the shop itself in the near future.

So there were H20's, Glass Baubles and Paper Trimmers just to start with. As some of you will know the Twinkling H20's are shimmery watercolour cakes that can be used on a variety of bases including paper, canvas and wood. They offer a non toxic and acid free lightfast finish and give an incredible finish on dark card so use able in a variety of situations for a variation of recipients.

The baubles are amazing in a few different shapes they are clear glass and available in conjunction are some glitter kits to decorate them with - the decoration is done from inside and there are full instructions within the decoration kit.

As soon as links are available to these pages I will put them on here for you but if you cant wait then contact the shop via email or phone and we will accommodate your needs as best we can.

Can I also point out that the September Crop will now be on the 14th September.

Ok all done for today hope you are all well.

Take care

Sam xxx

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