Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesday twitterings

Hi everyone

Hope your all well.

Well yesterday was busy with customers from all over the place - nice to see you all. I dare not say old faces again in case Karen comes after me!! :)

We had a few deliveries yesterday some absolutely stunning card which I am sure will make it onto the website soon - some in my signature colour of pink and black so I shrieked with delight as I sat and checked it all off the delivery note. In the same box were some magical peel offs some metallic pink, purple, green and blue ooooh they are lovely and with my new found love for peel offs I will definately be making a purchase!

So just as I finished checking all of that off another package arrived with some themed papers for the 4 countries that make up the UK - again these will be winging their way to the website soon no doubt.

Another thing for me to mention is that there is an evening workshop this Thursday - 7-9pm it's the Envelope Wall hanger at a cost of £15. Those of you that have seen the sample in the shop will know its a great little project and for those of you that haven't and want to join in you can book via the website or just give us a call.

Well that's me over and out

Take Care

Sam x

1 comment:

Debbieh said...

Doh!! I quite fancied that but I am out this Thursday.

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