Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I did it!!!!! Ooh & Next Crop Date

I mastered this blooming phone, after having it plugged into the laptop for god knows how long I did finally realise it was just charging itself (doh!)

So I grabbed my micro SD adapter, plugged into the computer and thought weyhey, but alas not a photo to be found. So I put it back in the phone realise I had to copy all the photos over and then upload them.

Well what should have been a minor task has turned into an all out saga, involving editing photos blah de blah de blah, however I now have the photos of our new found use for the wheelable totes

Now come on tell me that's not cool. I must say I have learned to love the camera in my mobile it has over 5MP and is fab for gettting the shots that I might miss trying to get my camera out of the depths of my bag. So don't undersestimate them, fabby invention.

Okay so I'm still working on the Pebbles Inc Share and Tell Pages getting the pictures for them is becoming a real pain in the bum but they shall be done soon.

For anyone who is interested in our Crops, they are usually on the first Sunday of every month however for September it will be on the 2nd Sunday (14th) as we are off on a buying trip. The shop will still be open however so be sure to pop on over.

Right I've got to go get ready as I'm at chubby club tonight (don't think those scales are going to be nice to me tonight)

See you later

Bev x

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Reclaiming the Blog

Good Evening.

Sam has done a runner to Spain on holiday so I have reclaimed the blog. I had hoped to upload a fantastic photo of a new use we have found for the PM Wheelable Totes, however it's on my phone and I have not yet masterered how to download them so I will keep you in suspense hopefully master it tomorrow and get you the photo within the next 48hours.

So how are we all my little blog hoppers. I hope you are well, and trying to make the most of our summer. The good thing about this kind of weather as it gives us time to craft. This can be hard this time of year due to the Back to School rush but lets try and make some time for ourselves.

We have had some fab products in at Bee Crafty recently and to be honest I have not been able to keep up with them (I know I'm rubbish) so if you live in drivable distance please pop in as this is the best and quickest way to see all the new products.

My favourite at the moment is the Pebbles Inc Share & Tell Range

It's albums, creative pads & journalling pads. It is designed, for example, if you have a series of photos but only scrap one you can display the rest of the series in an adjacent sleeve.

Cardmakers do not despair the Pebbles Inc Creative pads in this range are 4x6 perfect for C6 cards and it's not only papers in there, there are stickers too, with a bit of layering the card possiblities are excellent.

This range should be finished on the website in the next couple of days but feel free to pop in e-mail or call us with any enquiries about this and any of our other products.

Right I'm going to sign of with that as my little munchkin has had her first cold and teeth coincide which means no sleep for me so I'm going to catch some Z's before the night shift.

Bev x

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Its the weekend

Hiya Everyone

Apologies it has taken me until now to chat but we are only just breaking free from the boxes that turned up in the shop full of goodies to play with.

I have to say that inside these boxes were some of the most wonderful products from a variety of suppliers hence we have been busy getting it all unpacked. This coupled with the workshops in the daytime and evening this week its been non stop. The workshops were great fun so thank you to those who participated and a thank you to those of you who are coming into not only the workshops but the shop itself in the near future.

So there were H20's, Glass Baubles and Paper Trimmers just to start with. As some of you will know the Twinkling H20's are shimmery watercolour cakes that can be used on a variety of bases including paper, canvas and wood. They offer a non toxic and acid free lightfast finish and give an incredible finish on dark card so use able in a variety of situations for a variation of recipients.

The baubles are amazing in a few different shapes they are clear glass and available in conjunction are some glitter kits to decorate them with - the decoration is done from inside and there are full instructions within the decoration kit.

As soon as links are available to these pages I will put them on here for you but if you cant wait then contact the shop via email or phone and we will accommodate your needs as best we can.

Can I also point out that the September Crop will now be on the 14th September.

Ok all done for today hope you are all well.

Take care

Sam xxx

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesday twitterings

Hi everyone

Hope your all well.

Well yesterday was busy with customers from all over the place - nice to see you all. I dare not say old faces again in case Karen comes after me!! :)

We had a few deliveries yesterday some absolutely stunning card which I am sure will make it onto the website soon - some in my signature colour of pink and black so I shrieked with delight as I sat and checked it all off the delivery note. In the same box were some magical peel offs some metallic pink, purple, green and blue ooooh they are lovely and with my new found love for peel offs I will definately be making a purchase!

So just as I finished checking all of that off another package arrived with some themed papers for the 4 countries that make up the UK - again these will be winging their way to the website soon no doubt.

Another thing for me to mention is that there is an evening workshop this Thursday - 7-9pm it's the Envelope Wall hanger at a cost of £15. Those of you that have seen the sample in the shop will know its a great little project and for those of you that haven't and want to join in you can book via the website or just give us a call.

Well that's me over and out

Take Care

Sam x

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Where did summer go?

Hiya everyone hope you're well

Who's hidden the sunshine?

Sorry it would appear that a post I made tail end of last week isn't showing up so not sure what happened but here I am anyway. Well the last week in the shop has been very busy and we have seen lots of old faces and lots of new ones so thanks to everyone who has been in and a thanks to those of you planning a journey over to see us. The new premises seems to be a big hit with you all and with the other things on site there is something for everyone - and a great little cafe with super butties!!!

So lets talk about crafting - aren't there some great products out there just now! At the moment as I mentioned last time there are things arriving all the time. For those of you with a love for inks you may be familiar with the brilliance dewdrop pads - well they have brought out the Memento dewdrop - in this great little shape it gives the advantage of being greatly use able - doesn't take up much space in our craft rooms and its brilliant! They are fade resistant and give a super even coverage! well worth a go!

Something else we also now have are the "snow" products - great for those Christmas scenes. That said the snow color can be altered with the acrylics and for the more precise work there are the snow writers one just snow and another glistening for that crispy snow look - all of these products can be found here.

The Clearance section is still open on the website with some great bargains including papers, paper stacks and chipboard. A good opportunity to grab some great quality goods at lower prices.

Well with that I'll leave you to it

Take care

Sam x
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