Saturday, February 20, 2010

Have you ever....

.......looked at your photo's and just thought where do I start?

I think a common problem can be when we spend a ot of time taking photo's and then we look at them all and its how to begin or how do I get everything into one page?

You can do several things in this instance - simply spend plenty of time picking the best picture out of the scenario or pick several and instead of doing one page create a mini book?

With one photo you can then start to pick your products that highlight colours within the photo, ribbons, flowers, buttons or whichever embellishments are best suited.  Essentially the same rules are applicable for  a mini book however what you need to take into consideration here is what kind of book you want. 

You can make your own, cut 12x12 paper down to 6x6 and then make covers?

Go with a premade one like the Heart book from Twiddleybitz

For this you might need to adjust the size of your photo's

You can find this album here on our website.

As always we are always on hand for any advice or help, and by all means you can come into the shop and bring your photo's lay them out on a table and bring the products to them to see how it goes?

I'll leave you with all that to think about now.

Take care

Sam xxx

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