Saturday, February 13, 2010

she came she taught she went!!!!

And what a wonderful day it was!!!

So as you will no doubt know today was the first of a series of classes being held with MJM - the Art Tart! 

Today was the Wishing House and I have to confess I was so nervous, have I forgotten something?  Is the room ready?  Will they all turn up? Have I got enough cakes?  The answer to all of the above is YES!!!!  Thankfully it was brilliant!!

The day started with a very quiet workshop looking like this

and with a few people a lot of patterened paper and a dose of the lovely Michelle we had this scene a little later

It was an absolutely wonderful day and I would like to thank everyone who made it happen and who came to play for the day.

The next class is available for booking and after the success of today places are running out fast!

Hoping you've all had a day as great as mine was.

Take care

Sam xxx


Anonymous said...

I was a fantastic day and you made us all very welcome. Michelle worked her magic with the class and you worked your magic with fabulous cakes and many cups of tea.
It was a brilliant day I highly recommend everyone try a class, great fun.

Thank you everyone,
Lucy x

ju said...

Thank you so much everyone - I had a great day - it was lovely to craft with other like-minded people. Looking forward to doing it again when Transport & Finance (AKA hubby!!) is available !

Julia x

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