Friday, May 25, 2007

The Bee Crafty Price Drop Plan!!

Today has been one of my better ones of this week a load more productive (well I think so anyway) The gorgeous DCWV Albums are on the site , the ones that co-ordinate with the Posies, Far East, Old World and of course Once Upon a Time which are just yummy yum yum, we've also added the DCWV Rub On quotes stacks now all you card makers you definitely can't avoid this one because there is a back that is specifically for cards so have a look. I've also created what I have called (not particularly imaginative I know) the Bee Crafty Price Plan, now the reason we have done this is because we have recently started a permanent Price Drop on our products, now a lot of the newer stuff is already under this new pricing structure and I will let you know what by putting them on the Price Drop Plan Page anyway, I feel that a may been rambling but if you have a look at the page HERE, it explains better (it's getting the end of a very funny week and I am addled!). Also we have had some sketches sent to us but please keep them coming in they are fantastic. It's me, & the boss on tomorrow so pop in and have a look round at our brilliant new stuff, and have a good bank holiday weekend. Might pop on for a quick one tomorrow, see you then


Bev x

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