Friday, May 18, 2007

Howdy doo . . .

Afternoon everyone well I feel I've been a bit more productive this morning adding the fabby Maya Road Inspiration Ribbons to the website and the mega Woodware chipboard books that come in the shape of a bag and a purse and are ridiculously low prices so go have a peek. Just in case no one else reads the comments I have been asked if you can suggest sketches for the weekly sketch thingy, and the answer is yes absolutely, we loved to use your sketches just e-mail them to me either with or without a sample of a finished result and we will definitely use them and make sure you tell us your name so you get full credit, also with a piccie and some of the products, techniques that you like the moment it will be regular inspiration fest, so looking forward to it. Well it is going to take a couple of weeks to get going so how about the fourth of June for our first one until then feel free to inundate me with your sketches or even a card or page that you've done and really like and I'll do a sketch to match it, can you tell how enthusiastic I am, I tell you though I have loads of paperwork to do but isn't thinking about this far more fun :). speaking of paperwork I better get back to it. I hope the sun lasted longer for you than it did for us this morning.

See you later


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