Monday, May 21, 2007

It's Monday morning . . . .

and it has been manic in the shop, mum's been off for the morning and Donna has been teaching so I've been running around like a headless chicken for the last couple of hours. How are you all anyway, did you have a good weekend? Well if you were in the shop you will have seen Donna and my fabby big SIS Sam, who is mental, but brilliant. Me & Mum were off to Bolton the home of Chorley FM and Peter Kay to go to the Make it craft fair because I didn't know if it was something we should be looking into doing, so best to have a visit and see what they are all about. I haven't added anyhting new to the site today YET!! but I promise there will be a couple of new things before five o'clock so if you click on the home page link they will be there. Hope everyone's okay I'm going top go and have some lunch and then hit the site this afternoon.

Remember our first sketches will go up on the 4Th June and if you'd like to have your sketches or cards used as a sketch SEND THEM TO ME and I promise they will get used to

Have a good day everyone.


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