Thursday, September 25, 2014

Marleen DT, Maidenhair

Hi blogger friends..

Time for a bit of inspiration from me for

This week Ive made another stamped candle. This time I tried to make it on a red candle, yet I still used white tishue paper. It still worked but I have to say, as yu start to burn the candle, It startes to loosen the tishue paper and its now visible on the candle..

Just thought id mention in case anyone wants to try this out..
For this week Ive used the stamp called Maidenhair.
You can find it in the STORE along with all the other amazing goodies.

Anyway her is my project for this week:


As you can see, even close up you can see the tishue paper a bit. When see from a bit further away, that isnt visible till the candle starts to burn down.

Id would suggest to get a tishue paper that match the colour of the candle, but thought id still show my project even though it didnt come out perfect.

Ive made a little youtube to show how to make stamped candles.
I hope someone will find it helpful.

And that is all from me for today.
Many thanks for popping by and for any comments left behind.

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