Tuesday, November 07, 2006

47 Days till Christmas!! And still no pressie ideas

Afternoon all, well I'm still stuck for Christmas present ideas. not so much the girls but the boys grrrr!!!! awkward that they are. Well Today I have seemed to be rushing around but now I've stopped I'm not sure I've achieved very much. I've put a couple of new things on the web, blank jigsaws and the Making Memories Eyelet Words & Phrases. Now there is a sample using the blank jigsaw with A beautiful stamps happen stamp versamark and chalk and I love it, it's so effective and can be used for nearly any occasion for any person ever so versatile, and for those who like altering, you know paint cans etc well these are supposed to be very useful for that too Mum is going to have a go and show us what she's done. Message for Pat: you do make me laugh, your comment hasn't disappeared because I've replied to it but just in case you can't find it here goes, we do have lots of things that you could buy for your grandson and I'm surprised you don't know better than we do. Yes the twinkling H2O's are out of stock at the mo, but they are due in any day and we've ordered some fabulous new colours that are going to be so gorgeous and they are going to go fast so keep your eyes wide open. Well the boss has worked very hard this week her and dad were in on Sunday having a good tidy round and test of the Christmas Lights Woohoo!! They are all being set up for the 18th & 19th of November. For those who didn't see them last year come and have a look at our Christmas lights they are the best in Evesham (we didn't decide that everyone told us) So Remember the Weekend of the 18th and 19th of November as we are having Sales, Mince Pies, Make & Takes (Sun only) and possibly even a raffle (will see what I can do) and Christmas Lights Galore. Until then get your thinking caps on for our Christmas Card as a prize goes to the best one
Bye for now


Kerry Davies said...

Hi Bev, what are you're opening hours gonna be on the Sunday as thats the best day for me as I work all week.
p.s.Love the new blog and picture gallery but could you show us some pictures of the staff please.

Bee Crafty said...

Hi Kerry, Opening hours for the Sunday will be 11am - 4pm, and I am actually going to put some pictures of the Staff up from last week when we went out for dinner and all I can say is Oh My God!!!!, but I will try and get some more serious ones done (yeah right) asap.


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