Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hello Everyone sorry I haven't been around for a while I will give you a full update tomorrow of all things new and developments from the cupboard, it's been so busy, which of course is brilliant, we've still got new crafty items appearing everyday so if you still can't find what your looking for leave me a comment or send me some e-mails and I'll see what I can do I have been asked for Gift Vouchers recently we currently do these in the shop but I am sorting a way of doing them over the Internet, so they are available to everyone. I have put a beautiful card i the card Gallery that uses the Rub On creams to great effect if your still not sure what to use them for. Remember we are Open this weekend (18&19th) with loads of Bargains to get you into the Christmas spirit, we've put together some great kits at nearly 50% off what the individual pieces would cost you so if your looking for something for yourself or a gift for someone these are great, like I said I'll have more news tomorrow when I'm back in the cupboard so I'll talk to you then




Anonymous said...

Hi Folks - It's Snufflebabe!
Oh I did enjoy my day at the shop on Thursday - had me a coffee fix, laugh and giggle fix, insults fix (!) and some good ol' retail therapy!!! Oooooo it's like Aladin's Cave in there.
Take care girls - see you soon - Love and hugs from Me!

Pat said...

Hi Bev,Just to say what a shock I have had this morning,yesterday afternoon I ordered for the first time from you on the internet and low and behold it has arrived this morning what quick delivery a big thanks to you all.See you soon
luv Pat

thanks for my lovely
chocolate as well

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