Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sorry just another quick one I have to show you the card Ady did for mum's birthday, she stamped it then freehand sewed over the stamped image it's gorgeous but I think she may be mental


Anonymous said...

'allo all - it's me - Snufflebabe! Julie I am soooooooo sorry I forgot your 50th (50th 50th 50th) birthyday. How old are you? Was it your 50th? Really - your 50th? You don't look that old! How old? 50? Cor blimey - I would never 'ave believed you are 50!!! Anyway I am really really sorry - I would 'ave sent you a card - especially as it's your 50th!
I know I'm 51 - I don't care - and neither should you darlin' as you seriously don't seem THAT OLD and neither of us act our ages. Well we are as old as we feel and I don't know about you - but I'm still 18 in mind even if not in body!I still CAN'T BELIEVE YOU ARE 50!!! I hope you had a really great time and also have a really great time tonight too.
Take care everybody
- Loves you lots
Karen x

Anonymous said...

It's me again - Snufflebabe - sorry Ady - it's not an afterthought - I absolutely LOVE your card. X

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