Monday, November 06, 2006

Hello Everyone how are you??? I do hope you all had a good weekend, if you have any funky pictures of fireworks or bonfire's we'd love to see them, I think Mum's going to do some scrapbooking along that theme. I had the whole family round for tea after the bonfire and bless my little nephew, falling asleep in his beans aaahhhhhh!! Well with nothing else in the way (except Mum's birthday) we are officially on the rundown to Christmas, we've still got loads of Christmassy things in stock to make your Christmas cards or get everything ready for scrapping your chrsitmas. Whether it's traditional or contemporary we've got it all. Well loads been going on the cupboard today, chasing orders, making orders adding to web, paperwork, one day I think I'll be declared missing but I'll only be in my office. We've had some gems in today which are just enough sparkle if your not keen on all things glittery and I'll get them on the web as soon as possible, I have put some ribbon on today, "Dotty Art" it's just a nice simple 3mm ribbon with some metallic dots on gorgeous. Well the fog has descended back down over Evesham, doesn't it make the drive home interesting, must say though, I am bored with these dark nights already, good for the fireworks though. So I'm going to start packing myself up and pry Donna away from the Catalogues (just plain dangerous) and I'll speak to you tomorrow.


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Pat said...

Hi Bev,
What has happened I left a comment on here last week and it has dissapeared. I wondered if you have any craft ideas for a 6yr old boy that I could buy him for christmas.Well I really enjoy your letters and its smashing to look at your web site all the stuff you have on there and the cards you put on are a great help.I see you have sold out of twinkling H20's I was going to try them,are they any good as they sound ok. Well I will go now in case this letter goes astray.
luv Pat

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