Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hello, what you been up to?

Hi all, how are you doing? I was okay until about five minutes ago when the fairies hit me over the head and now I've gone shattered, I'm sorry for my absence I did a cybercrop with mum over the weekend, with lots of classes and I will progressively add all the pages we did to the website so you can have a look. It was mum's 50th Birthday yesterday and it was really good, Sam took her out for lunch and then we went out for dinner, had a bit too much Hardy's Chardonnay but it was absolutely lovely yummy yum yum, such a laugh, but now I'm really tired, and tonight I have to go shopping for clothes for Dave's works Christmas do, I'm doing a murder mystery with Donna tomorrow and the Christmas do is on Saturday, it's all good but it all happens at once I've done nothing all year. So are you all ready for Christmas bet you are you organised things I however am completely unprepared, but I'm sure I'll survive, I have something for Sam a couple of things for Dave but that's it, ah well might get something from town tonight, I hope all your festive plans are okay and remember you can set up a Christmas wish list in the shop and then just send people who buy for you in, that way you'll get what you want but you don't know who from keeping the element of surprise, have fun & I'll talk to you soon



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