Saturday, March 27, 2010

Easter Holidays have begun....

... so here's a little easter idea

Mini Egg Jars!

These are Baby Food jars but you can use any sort
Then cut 4cm strips of Yellow A4 Card on the shortest side.
3cm strips of green gingham vellum on top
a length of ribbon on top and secure around the jar
Stamp the names of who the jars are going to - longer names will need smaller stamps depending on the size of the jars you are using
adhere onto the jars with foam pads
then the best bit - putting the chocolate eggs in!!! (I may have stolen just a couple)
To finish them off I stamped a circular Just for you stamp - you could handwrite these or use flowers instead (which in the first picture was my intention but I changed my mind)
Hope you like it - I had great fun!

Take Care

Sam xxx

1 comment:

Julie-Ann said...

Oh my goodness these look lush, oh but hold on a minute .......... yes as I thought, where's mine??????? lol
Fabby idea Sam......

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