Monday, March 29, 2010

Hanging "Scrap"

I've been at it again
So here's what I did
Take 5 Beer mats - and strip the coated layers they have on them

Then choose some patterened paper - I am using Basic Grey Aged and Confused
Cut squares a half inch smaller than the beer mats and round all of the corners - should the beer mats be rounded.
Add some letters of your choice, I have also stamped some swirls onto the patterened paper with the addition of some sticky embellishments.
take a length of Gros grain ribbon - I've chosen baby pink and then stamped over with the swirls used before (it was a small stamp so I just threw it all over the ribbon)
oh and i notched out the end too
I have also added a button - this was more to weigh town the ribbon and stop it sort of pointing out from the wall when hung.
then it's back to the hanging up - I used a buckle (thats actually for fastening mini books) and turned it on it's end threaded the ribbon through and away we go - it's on the wall.

Again hope you enjoyed it - and thanks for keep coming back - I am enjoying these projects very much.

Take Care

Sam xxx

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