Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Glitter Girls Keepsake Boards...

That says it all really!!!

But I wouldn't be me if I stopped talking now!

So what are these boards?  By now lots of you crafters out there will already know (lucky you).  For those that don't allow me to introduce you to a brilliant way of cardmaking and now scrapbooking too.  The dry embossing pieces that you can make with these boards are beautiful and there is a board for everyone.  Some people think every board is for them though :)

One of their newest boards (and a new favourite of mine) is the Treasured Memories 12x12 board.  The board comes to you in a Pink colour but here is a black and white view
(so that you can see where the lines are). 
So as you can see there are hundreds of combinations that you can use to create cards, mini books and 12x12 frames.  This particular board can be here on our website for the rest of them please click here.

Hope everyone is ok

Take Care

Sam xxx

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