Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our Easter Croppers are so good they are having 2 ....

... CROPS!!!!

Thats right 2 Crops - due to the Easter Sunday trading "stuff" we are closed on Sunday which would be our normal crop day.  After much tooing and froing (not sure if thats the right spelling) we decided that Saturday was the day for the crop.  However after more deliberation (some can some can't on the Saturday) we are having one on Friday too!!! 

So basically what that means is you can come for both if you like!!!

As always it's just £5 for the day all your tea, coffee and juice included and biscuits (maybe cake!!!)

The normal cropping hours are 11am-4pm but we're open 9.30am-5pm on both of those days so anytime between those is fine with us!!!

So you can book by calling us 01386 831123

Hope thats ok and any questions give us a call

Take care

Sam xxx

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