Wednesday, March 24, 2010

That wasn't quite what I had planned...

...I had planned to be doing some lovely crafting tonight!!!

I however found myself helping my darling son with his Easter Card competition!!!

So there I was today gently admiring the new Bo Bunny papers and suddenly found myself holding a few sheets that were definatley coming home with me!!!  Then there was the Blips and Beeps and it was all over - so I then had more paper but that was ok because I was going to come home and make something wonderful!!!

In fairness with paper like this...

how could I not!!!

The sad reality is that my oldest son had to do his easter competition card this evening.  With us mums that do the whole papercraft thing I know i get very excited when projects that I can get more involved in come home.  I had it all planned out in my head what would be a good idea and what would work ..... but no!!

He had his own ideas and almost 2 hours later we have this........

I actually happen to think he's done a great job!!!

My craft room is an absolute bombsite now but we had great fun and he used some great colours and had a dip into my Organza Bags of flowers these onese came combining the Greens and the Yellows and Oranges bags.

So I hope to bring you a slightly different kind of sample of work tomorrow - this was a great project though and I hope that your kids and grandchildren have as much fun making easter projects as me and Alex had making this!

Take Care

Sam xxx

1 comment:

Julie-Ann said...

Love the colours, very "EASTER" .... well done Alex xxx

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