Monday, March 01, 2010

Spring has Sprung!!

Well well well for those of you that were unsure that big shiny thing in the sky today was infact the SUN!!!!!!!!!

Sorry but it was just so nice to see that Spring is in the air and what a fantastic start to the season it was.  Not holding out too much hope but hey ho we'll see how it goes wont we!  Whatever happens there is, as always, lots of opportunity for some great photo's.

I had a lovely workshop today with two ladies learning about heat embossing with the Cosmic Shimmer products.  We did a bit of everything and had a lovely time.  The rest of workshops ready for booking are available here on the website.

We had a new delivery of magazines today - Card Trends, Scrapbook Trends and Simply Handmade,  These magazines are a fantastic source of inspiration mixed with a bit of jealousy for me as the talent in there is amazing but the results are definately achievable!

So hope you're all ok

Take care

Sam xxx

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