Sunday, March 28, 2010

I've been inking again!!!

and here's what I made!
I took a picture off the wall to hang it on!!

And heres a quick guide of how to do it

Take a rectangle of cardboard and cut an arrow/house outline
and peel one side you should get this...

cut some patterened paper to fit the body and roof - I have used Basic Grey Blush and cut them with a Victorian edge on the Fingerguard Trimmer
I have inked around the edge with a brown ink and added another piece at the bottom (it was left over and looked like it needed a job!)
then added some strips which I will later add some words to
I have inked in brown and gold 3 grungeboard embellishments
Then added it all together with some ribbon and fibres for the handle/hanger
I had great fun doing this - any questions let us know. 

Take Care

Sam xxx

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