Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Charlee DT - Micro Glaze

Morning crafters. For this weeks blog I thought I'd share a technique that I saw Tim Holtz do and was amazed by.

What you'll need:

Step 1:

Start by putting down the colours of oxides you want to use on your blending matt. Spritz with water and place your glossy card in the colours. Dry with a heat gun and keep repeating picking up different colours. Make sure the card is fully dry before picking up new colours.

Step 2:

Take your dinkables and blend through with a few different colour of oxides. Heat set with a heat gun. Once your happy with how your background looks, take a clean mini blending foam and pick up a small amount of micro glaze. You don't need a lot. Then rub it all over your card and watch the magic happen. Once micro glaze is on all over gently buff with a clean paper towel.

The one on the top is without micro glaze and the one at the bottom is with micro glaze. You can see how vibrant and all the different layers you did shine through.

Step 3:

Next take your stamps, you'll need to use archival or stayz on for this. I used archival. Stamp your Girl and Boy in the position you want. I used my stamp platform so I could get a crisper image. I still ended up with some blotchy bits so I just went over with a black pen. Then stamp your sentiment. Then you can either matt and layer and pop on a card or pop it in a frame as a nice gift for someone.

I just love watching the background come to life when you pop the micro glaze over.

That's all from me for this week. I hope you all have a go. I think you'll be seeing this technique in a lot of my future samples.

Until next week
Crafty Hugs


emma goddard said...

Fabulous work Charlee and love the glaze, wow xx

Jan Loughran said...

The microglaze makes this SO vibrant, fantastic Charlee ❤ Love it x

Hilary Elder said...

Super card Charlee as always - good description.

Patricia Crossland said...

Would this work with glycerine do you think?

Charlotte Campling said...

Patricia I'm not sure. Worth a try. I'll try and have a go later

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