Thursday, January 06, 2022

Sue CT - Dragonfly


Happy New Year to everyone looking at the Blog!

I couldn't decide what to make this week, but it has been really dull and grey here, so I wanted to make something to remind me that the brighter days of spring and summer aren't that far away now that we have passed the shortest day of the year. 

What I have used

White Card
Black Card

First of all, I blended Cracked Pistachio, Twisted Citron and Scattered Straw Oxide Inks on a large tag using blending brushes. 
I sprayed some ink onto the left over ink on my mat and mopped it up onto a small tag. Then I added some White Gloss Spray splats to the large tag and allowed it to dry.


Whilst the tag was drying, I stamped 2 large dragonflies on white card and 3 of the small sunflowers using watering can ink. I also stamped several small dragonflies onto collage paper and cut them out close to their edges. I coloured the large dragonflies and sunflowers using Ecoline pens and water coloured them out with a fine brush. Once they are thoroughly dry, add some extra details with a white pen.


When the tag is dry (you can use a heat tool if you are impatient to go onto the next stage!), use the Jungle leaves stencil and Bundled Sage ink to add some detail to your tag. Again, allow to dry or heat set with a heat tool. Using the Butterfly stencil and Peacock Feathers ink gently apply through the stencil towards the top of the tag.

I gently sprayed both of my stencils with water, then rubbed the remaining ink onto the smaller tags I used as mop ups earlier, ready to use on other projects.

Using the leaves from the various stamps listed, stamp directly onto the tag using the shadow grey Archival Ink. I made a mask using a piece of copier paper to allow me to over stamp leaves and provide several layers. 

Once they are dry, gently colour using the method of your choice. I use Ecolines.

Arrange the collage paper dragonflies how you like them and adhere using matt medium so they appear to melt into the background.

 Once they are dry add colour to them using Ecoline pens.


I have used two layers of the large dragonfly and only adhered the bottom layer to the tag. The second layer I have only adhered the body, so it gives the wings some movement. Adhere the sunflowers to the base of the tag in a random arrangement to look more natural. Stamp the time stamp and cut apart to spread the words through the tag. Edge the word tags with grey pen to make them stand out. Adhere everything where you want it and allow to dry thoroughly.

Once dry, adhere to the black card and gently cut around leaving a narrow border.  


Many thanks for taking the time to look at this post. Have a great day and make sure you manage to fit in some crafting!

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