Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Marleen DT - Lustre Luxe on glass..

Hey Blogger Friends..

Wednesday again and my turn to share a bit of inspiration for 

Todays project is a bit of a test really.. And im not even sure Im finished with it yet..
The project came about as I had a conversation with a fellow Bee Fan, Jan. Jan is a good friend of mine and we were sitting one evening chatting about our beloved Lustre Luxe.. Jan said she had tried Lustre Luxe on glass.. Something I hadnt tried, so lo and behold I had to try it..

I used an old coffee jar, just washed and dried. I didnt prime it first but better results may happen if it was, something i must try also lol..

As I said above, this is Lustre Luxe strait onto the jar, no priming.. Now its easy enough to apply but it dont come on as smooth as it does on paper. On glass you tend to pull the Lustre back off again when going over it.. But on Jan's suggestion, I tried using more of a tapping motion then the usual sweeping motion and I found that it worked much better. Please remember that Lustre Luxe is not a product that is meant to blend as such so to get the colours blending, it take a bit of work.

Now as you can see, I also tried the Lustre through a couple of the Dinkables and it works fab. As the lustre is a bit thicker then paste its a perfect combination.
Now I must say, drying time is of Lustre Luxe is normally extremely fast, but on the glass it takes longer. Its wasnt till the next day that I felt the Lustre I put through the dinkable was truly dry but once dry, the Lustre stays put. You can of course scrape it off, but I have handled this jar many times since "painting" it and the Lustre hasnt budged.

Anyway this has been a really fun project to play with but if you want to know more about Lustre Luxe, head over to my youtube channel where I did a beginners guide to Lustre Luxe. Find it HERE.

And that is it for today. Thank you for popping by and for any comments left behind.
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 Happy Crafting


Magic Maggie said...

Gosh this is really pretty - how do you come up with these ideas?
Just a thought, would a 'smoothie egg' be any good for the dabbing?
Maggie (Yorkite)

Marleen's Crafty Space said...

That I donr know Maggie as I dont have one of those. But it may well be.. It would be worth a try :-)

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